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Automated Sales Funnels


Building healthy business relationships and engaging with people generates inquires, qualified leads, opportunities and revenue. One of the commonly overlooked areas but, in my opinion, probably one of the most important aspects of your business processes is your sales funnel! What happens AFTER you make the initial contact? How are you nurturing your prospects into conversions? What assets are you using to demonstrate mastery and establish social proof?


Let’s review the funnel process. 


  •  Online-presence with the prospect calling on the phone or sending an email 
  •  A referral from a client/customer 
  •  Direct mail response 
  •  Received a response from a brochure or a flyer

Qualified Leads

  • Ask the prospects specific questions 
  • What is your current marketing budget?
  • How long has the organization been in business?
  • What are your goals?


  • Networking at Chamber events and Business Groups
  • Meet up organizations
  • Educational seminars
  • Industry Specific events
  • Local community events 

Follow Up

  • Auto-responder  email to web form opt-ins
  • Follow up email sequence with calls to action
  • Follow up phone call 
  • Direct Mail Piece
  • Retargetting campaign


  • Monthly, quarterly yearly goals
  • Service layering
  • Partnerships 
  • Resale programs 

The benefits of reviewing the sales funnel on a quarterly basis

  • Keeps focus on inquires 
  • Review the revenue to see where adjustments can be made on pricing for goods and services 
  • Nurturing qualified leads
  • Reviewing new business opportunities
  • Helps to project reasonable goals and obtain them for the internal and external sales team

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